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About Us

“The Backstory”

The journey began in or around 2011, a group of average Americans were trying to find a way to improve their health. By chance they came upon a revolutionary new technology that was a game changer, but they soon realized that the raw materials they needed were not readily available.  Voila a business was born…. well it happened something like that along with a lot of hard work, late nights and tons of blood, sweat and tears.  Oh, yah and some beer and pizza, can’t leave that out.  In the end they created an online general store offering the BEST products a HUGE selection and AFFORDABLE prices…all supported by VIP service. 

Name Brands, Premium Ingredients…Affordable Prices

As time went on the business expanded, the product line grew to include a long list of globally recognized name brands offering premium ingredients to a discerning clientele at Affordable Prices.  Oh! and the discerning clientele, well they gorged themselves on our products and wanted more and more products and more and more options.  I forgot to tell you the most important thing, their health improved by leaps and bounds…how do I know, well because they shared their personal stories with us via emails, phone conversations and visits to our lab. I should also mention, that while they were gorging themselves we got a lot of great feedback and suggestions.  One suggestion that kept on popping up was hey why can’t you guys do the same thing with CBD?

Voila again! Now Offering Premium CBD products

So, what’s the plan…well in a nut shell, we are starting out just like we did the first time around.  We will walk before we run and over time we will add additional brand names and a variety of products that you have told us will help improve your health. Did I mention, you know BRAND NAMES, PREMIUM INGREDIENTS and AFFORDABLE PRICES!!!  That has become our calling card and I just wanted to make sure I left one with you.